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EP-Hazardous Waste Management
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Practical Advice and Guidance on Managing Hazardous Waste


How do I deal with common hazardous materials?
Practical advice on how to manage, recycle, or dispose of common waste streams at SLAC:

  • "Closed" container: What is the definition of a "closed" container?
  • Containers: How do I get the right containers for accumulating hazardous waste?
  • Determine if hazardous: How do I know if my waste is a hazardous waste?
  • Household hazardous waste: Can I bring hazardous waste from home to SLAC for disposal or recycling?
  • "In-process" materials: How do I obtain containers for my "in-process" (non-waste) materials? Are there any special rules for handling them?
  • Labeling: How should I label hazardous waste?
  • Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS): Where can I get Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for my hazardous materials/waste?
  • Non-WM issued container: What if I have a hazardous waste that is not in a WM issued container?
  • Removal: How do I have waste removed from my area?
  • Responsibilities: What are my basic responsibilities as a hazardous waste generator?
  • Secondary containment: What are the secondary containment requirements for hazardous waste?
  • Segregation: How do I safely store hazardous wastes?
  • Spill: What do I do if I spill some hazardous waste?
  • Storage time: How long can I store hazardous waste?
  • Training: What kind of training do I need if I work with hazardous waste?
  • Tools: what kind of tools are available to make our waste management job easier?

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