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ESH Forms

ESH Manual

Medical - OHC

SLAC Security

Emergency Status

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Non-ESH Forms

ESH General Forms

Project ESH Review Process

  • PDF ESH Project Review Procedure
  • PDF | Word ESH Threshold Review Form

Information Management


  • PDF | Word Air Quality: Emissions Source Inspection Form
  • PDF | Word Air Quality: Monthly Hazardous Material Use, Fuel Consumption, and Equipment Operation Forms
  • Excel Chain of Custody Form (general)
  • PDF Container and Collection Area Weekly Inspection Checklist (Hazardous Waste)
  • Hazardous Waste Determination Form - See Radiation Forms
  • PDF Hazardous Waste Pick-Up and Empty Container Request Form
  • PDF Hazardous Waste Pick-Up and Empty Container Request Instructions
  • Word NEPA: Environmental Compliance Checklist
  • PDF | Word Spills Report Form
    Radioactive Material Management Area (RMMA) Hazardous Material Pickup Request: Call  Ext. 2479


  • PDF Stormwater: General Inspection Checklist
  • PDF Stormwater: Contained Water Release Form
  • PDF | Word Stormwater: Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan Form

Occupational Health Center (Medical)


  • PDF Industrial Ergonomics Screening Checklist

Safe Office Moves

  • PDFSteps for Safe Office Moves
  • PDFNew Office Safety and Ergonomics Checklist
  • PDFSafe Office Moves Checklist for Supervisors
  • see the Safe Office Moves webpage for more information and tools, including a slideshow


  • PDF Authorization to Release Occupational Exposure Information
  • PDF Declaration of Pregnancy Form
  • PDF - Withdrawal of Declaration of Pregnancy Form
  • online Dosimeter/ID Request Form A (standard form, w/ESH training)
    - internal online form - if off-site, requires VPN access
    - Alternate Hardcopy [pdf]
  • online Dosimeter/ID Request Form B (no training, limited work in SAA)
    - internal online form - if off-site, requires VPN access
    - Alternate Hardcopy [pdf]
  • PDF Dosimeter/ID Request Form C (for tours in SAA)
  • PDF Dosimeter-Lost/Damaged Form
  • PDF Hazardous Waste Determination Form
  • PDF Mixed Waste Generation Checklist
  • PDF Mixed Waste Generation Request Form
  • online Mixed Waste Potential Items List
  • PDF Non-DOE Assignment Notification Form
  • online Radiological Issue Report (RIR) Form
  • PDF Radioactive Material Declaration Form
  • onlineRadioactive Survey Request
  • onlineRadiation Generating Device (RGD) Registration Form for I-IV  SLAC-Internal page
  • onlineRadiological Work Permit (RWP)  SLAC-Internal page
    - internal online form - if off-site, requires VPN access
  • online RP Walk-Through Inspection/Assessment Reports
  • to form Salvage Form  SLAC-Internal page (non-ESH Form, for use with ESH Radiological Surveys)
    More information at SCM Property Control: Surplus
  • PDF Sealed Radioactive Source Acquisition Authorization Form

Site Access Control

  • online Arrillaga Center Family Badge Request  SLAC-Internal page
  • online Site Access Portal
  • PDF | Word Subcontracting After-hours Authorization Form

Traffic and Vehicular Safety

  • in officeSLAC Vehicle Registration Form
  • PDFTemporary Traffic Control Plan Approval Form
  • webpageother Chapter tools

Work Planning and Control

WPC Procedures

  • PDF | Word Activity Training and Authorization Form
  • online Hazard Evaluation and Planning eTool
  • PDF | Word Job Safety Analysis Form
  • PDF | Word SOP Authorization and Release Form
  • online Term Release Tool
  • PDF  Work Integration Plan Form
  • PDF | Word Non-construction Tailgate/Pre-job Release Form

Construction Procedure

  • PDF | Word Construction Job Safety Analysis Form
  • PDF SLAC Receipt of Subcontractor Form
  • PDF Construction Pre-job Briefing Checklist
  • PDF | Word Construction Tailgate/Pre-job Release Form

Stop Work Procedure

Area Hazard Analysis Procedure

  • online SLAC-Internal page Area Hazard Analysis eTool

See the SLAC-Internal page Work Planning and Control Website for more forms and references

Safety Forms

  • online Emergency Evacuation Sign
  • ppt Emergency Slide (safety information)


  • PDF Beryllium Inventory Form

Bloodborne Pathogens

  • PDF Hepatitis B Vaccine Offer and Declination Form

Building Inspection Office

  • PDF | WordBIO: Adhesive Anchor Checklist Also listed in Penetrations  SLAC-Internal page
  • PDF | WordBIO: Mechanical Anchor Checklist Also listed in Penetrations  SLAC-Internal page
  • PDFConstruction Authorization and Inspection Record SLAC-Internal page
    (AKA "Inspection Card")
  • online Building Inspection Office (BIO) Plan Review System

Chemical Safety and Lifecycle Management

  • onlineChemical Management Services (CMS) System (see webpage for use) 
  • pdf | Word CLM: Toxic and Hazardous Chemical Justification Form 
  • pdf | Word CLM: Storage Area Inspection Form 

Confined Space

  • PDF Confined Space: Entry Permit
  • PDF Confined Space: Alternate Entry Form
  • PDF Confined Space: Non-permit Required Confined Space Entry Form
  • PDF Confined Space: Temporary Declassification Form

Control of Hazardous Energy

For current forms and templates, please see: CoHE Safety ProgramDocument LibraryForms And Templates  SLAC-Internal page

Cryogenic and ODH

  • PDF | Word  ODH Safety Review Form

Electrical Safety

  • PDF | Word Electrical Work Plan
  • PDF | Word Energized Electrical Work Request & Approval Permit

Excavation Safety

  • PDF | Word Excavation Permit Form
  • PDFUtility Location Results Form
  • PDFDaily Inspection Checklist
  • PDFMobile / Portable Drilling Rig Initial Inspection Form

Fall Protection

  • PDF Elevated Surface Work Plan

Fire and Life Safety

  • online Hot Work Permit System
  • Subcontractor Hot Work Request
    PDF (Contractors can download, then send to the FCM, who will fill out online system form using this information)
  • email Fire Extinguisher Service Request

Hazardous Materials and Waste Transportation

Hoisting & Rigging Safety

  • PDF Review of Conformance Form
  • PDF Crane Pre-use/Frequent Inspection Form
  • PDF Mobile Crane Pre-use Inspection Form
  • PDF Ordinary Lift Planning and Control Form
  • PDF | Word Critical Lift Planning and Control Form
  • H&R Guides and Procedures

Incident Investigation

  • Word SLAC SU-17A - Employee First Report of Injury
  • online First Report of Incident
  • Word SLAC SU-17B - Incident Investigation
  • PDF (related) Incident Reporting and Investigation Process

Industrial Trucks

  • PDF Inspection Checklist
  • PDF Taylor-Dunn C-425 Electric Tow Tractor Inspection Checklist
  • PDF EnerSys Enforcer Battery Charging Trailer Inspection Checklist
  • PDF Powered Pallet Jack Inspection Checklist


Laser Safety

  • online Laser Worker Approval
  • PDF System Laser Safety Officer Approval Form
  • PDF Acting System Laser Safety Officer Approval Form
  • PDF Approval to Operate Form
  • online Laser Safety Tool
  • online Laser Safety SharePoint Site

Lead Safety

  • PDF Lead Transfer Form
  • PDF Standard Lead Shielding Purchase Justification Form

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (Manlifts, etc)

  • PDF Inspection Checklist


  • PDF | Word Penetration Permit Form
  • PDF | WordBIO: Adhesive Anchor Checklist*  SLAC-Internal page
  • PDF | WordBIO: Mechanical Anchor Checklist*  SLAC-Internal page
  • * Also listed in BIO

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • PDFPPE Purchase Approval Form 
  • PDFN95 Approval Procedure - Voluntary Use for COVID-19 Protection 
  • See other categories for PPE forms for specific hazards.

Pressure Systems

  • PDF New Pressure System Registration Form
  • PDF Legacy Pressure System Registration Form
  • PDF Inspection Report Form
  • PDF Maintenance and Repair Report Form
  • PDF Pressure Test Plan Form
  • PDF Pressure Test Record Form
  • online Pressure Systems Database

Respiratory Protection

  • PDF Respirator User Form
  • PDFN95 Approval Procedure - Voluntary Use for COVID-19 Protection 

Subcontractor Safety

  • onlineBIO Project Review Database
  • PDFInjury and Illness Prevention Program Acknowledgement Form
  • PDFSubcontractor Safety Qualification Form
  • PDFSubcontractor Safety Qualification Evaluation Form
  • PDFSite-specific Safety Plan Content and Approval Form
  • PDFSubcontractor Safety Staff Needs Assessment Form
  • onlineSubcontractor Safety SharePoint Site  SLAC-Internal page
  • onlineWork Classification Form (Green or Assessment)  SLAC-Internal page




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