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In case of emergency, dial 911
  - After calling 911, call SLAC Security x5555, then notify your supervisor
  - See the emergency page for more contacts, instructions, and support information

If you are not sure who to contact, call (650) 926-4554 (ESH Service Desk) or SLAC-Internal page email esh-safety (email is for SLAC internal use only).

If you have a concern or suggestion, please see the ESH Concerns page for contact options.

General Numbers:

  - ESH Admin (650) 926-4460
 - ESH Service Desk (650) 926-4554 
 - Radiological Field Operations (650) 926-4299 (also to request a field survey)
    - RP Call-In List icon for secured site link  (SLAC Internal)

 - SLAC Occupational Health Center (650) 926-2281
 - SLAC Security, general 650) 926-2551
 - SLAC Security, incident reporting 650) 926-5555 (if incident is life-threatening, call 911 first)
 - ESH Anonymous Report line 650) 926-4641 (to report concerns anonymously)

ESH-related Programs and SME Resource List  icon for secured site link (SLAC Internal)

ESH Organizational Chart

ESH Coordinators  

Safety Officers    

Note: As of November 2023, the SLAC Phonebook links have moved to SLAC internal.  We are in the process of updating the major contact links to the Stanford Directory instead.  If you have questions, please email

If you see a webpage that refers to a phone number as simply "x2399" and you are not on-site or are using a cell phone, the full number will be "650-926-xxxx" 

ESH Division Director's Office

ESH Departments

See individual websites for more specific contact information

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