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EP-Hazardous Waste Management
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Labeling Hazardous Waste Correctly

Hazardous waste regulations are specific about what information must be on each hazardous waste container. Ensure that the following information is noted:

  • The words, "Hazardous Waste"
  • Accumulation start date
  • Waste composition and physical state (such as, "chlorinated solvent waste, liquid")
  • The hazard(s) of the waste (such as, flammable, reactive, toxic, corrosive)
  • Company name and address: SLAC, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025
  • Name and phone extension of the individual generating the waste.

SLAC Custom Labels Make it Easier!

To simplify hazardous waste labeling, SLAC uses custom Waste ID labels that are preprinted with much of the required information.  Every container issued by WM is delivered to the generator with one of these custom labels.


When You Cannot Use a Waste Management Issued Container...

Using Waste Management issued containers is the easiest way to ensure that your waste is properly labeled. Sometimes it is not possible. Examples include:

  • A hazardous material is designated  as a waste but left in its original container.
  • The waste will not fit into a collection drum.
  • You did not know you would be generating hazardous waste, so you did not have a WM issued container on-hand.

When you cannot put your waste in a container issued by WM, do the following:

  • Label the container with the information listed to the left.
  • Submit a completed Hazardous Waste Pickup and Empty Container Request Form to WM the same business day the waste is generated*.  When you are completing the form, match the date on the form with the accumulation date on the label. (Instructions for completing form.)
  • WM will come to your work area and either apply a custom label to your container or remove the waste.

* The requirement to notify WM ensures that the waste item is entered into the SLAC hazardous waste tracking system. Items that are not entered into the system tend to be forgotten and exceed the accumulation time limit allowed by law.


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