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Obtaining a SLAC Badge

Step 1: Site Access Form 

All individuals coming to SLAC must enter their personal information into the Non-Employee registration form. If you are foreign national and will be performing work, additional documentation will be required.   Please check with your Project Manager if you have any questions about the process.

The contract should be approved through SLAC Purchasing before the onboarding process can begin.  Check with your Project Manager if there are any quesions about timing.

Note: There is no way to save a form in progress. Please have all your information ready ahead of time. See the How to Submit a SLAC Site Access Portal Form instructions for details.

  1. Fill out the SLAC Site Access Form (form will open in new window)
  2. All fields with an * are required. Complete all required fields. .
  3. Form example:

    - click for larger image of the form example

  4. The Point of Contact should be the Project Manager, or similar SLAC function, who will approve this form before HR will process it.
  5. If you are a foreign national not from the United States, you will be required to have additional documentation - some to upload while filling out the form, some to present when you check in at SLAC.  See the instructions for what to upload.  See Documents Required for Check-In for the others.

Step 2: Finding the SLAC ID number

Once the form above is filled out, the system will go through the processing of the information and entry into the database. Once approved by the Point of Contact, the subcontractor and the Point of Contact will receive an automatic email with the person's SLAC ID number.

NOTE: SLAC requests at least 24 hours to process ID numbers. If the ID is not accessible within 24 hours after activation or for urgent matters, call Ramona Miahnahri for assistance.

The ID should have been sent to the email entered in the form.  If the email isn't accessible, you can also retrieve your System ID number at the Directory Search. Enter your last name in the Family Name box then click the search button. Your six digit System ID number will appear on your SLAC directory page. See example below.

SLAC Directory Entry


Step 3: Take SLAC Training

Training MUST be completed by each individual subcontractor who will be working on site.

The training is web based. To access the training, please follow the steps below:

  1. You must have your SLAC system ID number issued to you before you begin. (see Step 2 above)
  2. From outside the SLAC Network you can have a password emailed to you. Email with "Training Portal Password Request" in the subject field.
    • Include your full name, SLAC system ID # and the name of your SLAC contact in the body of the message.
  3. Go to the Web Training Portal entry web page. Read the computer requirements and browser recommendations on this page.
  4. Click the red box on the right side for "Manual Login" to access the log-in page where you will enter your system ID number and your password.
  5. Access the Course Catalog to find the courses you want to take using the Learning Search function
    • Construction Safety Orientation (#375) (All construction subcontractors at SLAC must take this course, which is also available in Spanish)
    • ES&H Orientation (#219) (All non-SLAC employees who are not involved in construction must take this course)
    • Enter the name or number of the course you need in the search box at the top to find your training.
    • Click the launch button on the training info page.
  6. Once you have completed the courses, print your certificates of completion!
    Take the certificates with you to get your badge.

Step 4: Get Badge

  1. You and your SLAC Point of Contact will both need to come to the SLAC Security Office to fill out the badging form and the SLAC POC to sign it.
    • Security office hours are 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Friday. 
      - The Security Office is located in VUE Center (Visitor, User, Employee) located in building 53 (SUSB). The building is directly behind main gate as you come in.  The VUE Center is on the first floor, on the left side as you come in the building.
    • Determine with your SLAC contact if you will require a dosimeter while on the job. If so, you will need to complete section 3 and (if applicable) section 4, and take the required training for it.
    • If you have completed all required training, the badging process should take no more than 15-20 minutes.  If you need training, please allow 2-3 hours for it prior to badging (your SLAC POC does not need to be present for training, only to sign the badge form).
  2. In accordance with ESH Manual Chapter 13, Traffic and Vehicular Safety, a valid drivers’ license is required prior to the issuance of a badge if you intend to operate a motorized vehicle on the SLAC site.
  3. Bring a valid picture ID (a State ID or Driver's License) to present to the badging officer to pick up the badge.

Step 5: After-hours and Weekend work

If a subcontractor will be working After Hours or on weekends, then a special Subcontract After-Hours Form this is a SLAC-Internal page needs to be filled out and the FCM on site during those times.





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