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The lock icon (icon for secured site link) designates links that are accessible only to personnel with SLAC IDs. Inside SLAC, a "pass-through" identification is used so your account is automatically verified.

If you are logging in from outside SLAC with an Internet Explorer browser, the internal pages will need ID verification to log in and view the pages.  However, you will need to type "slac\" and then your userID, so it looks like "slac\JohnDoe". (Typing the userID alone will return an error message.)

image of prompt box: 'slac\userID'

If you are logging in with a FireFox browser, userID alone will work (FireFox does not require the "slac\" in the prompt). 

If you have a SLAC ID, and are having difficulties logging in using the above instructions, please email

For more information on accessing pages on the SLAC Web site, see: Computing: Getting Started

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