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Badging at SLAC

SLAC badges are only available for individuals who have been appropriately proccessed for a valid SLAC Identification Number (Human Resources, Users, Subcontractors, as appropriate) and have completed the appropriate training course for their job.

To obtain a SLAC badge, people must first have a SLAC Sponsor who will start the badging process for them.

Note: If this is your first visit, please review the complete access information on our VUE Center "Coming to SLAC" site. There is specific information not relating to badging for Visitors, Users, and New Employees.

New Employees

Human Resources should guide new employees through the process.  For information about training requirements and details, have the SLAC sponsor review the information on the Badging Office page this is a SLAC-Internal page (internal link, direct the sponsor to the link).


Subcontractors should contact their SLAC Project Manager or Point of Contact.  There are additional instructions on the Badging Subcontractor page.  If a subcontractor will be working After Hours or on weekends, then a special Subcontract After-Hours Form this is a SLAC-Internal page needs to be filled out and the FCM on site during those times.


Users who need badges for SSRL, LCLS, and/or Cryo EM, please contact the User Admin office at 650-926-2975.  

FACET users should contact 650-926-2992. 

Foreign National Requirements

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) requires Foreign National visitors hold appropriate visa status for activities performed while at SLAC.  Please review the Foreign National Requirements page and advisory notes.  

Visitors or No Training

Red 'Escort Required' Badges are for individuals without current training who need access through the Accelerator Area Gates. Have the SLAC sponsor follow the rules for filling out request for B as described on the Badging Office page this is a SLAC-Internal page (internal link - have the sponsor fill it out).

Reminder: A person who is issued a Red Badge MUST be escorted by an employee, contractor, user or an individual with a valid SLAC picture badge reflecting current training.

Regular visitors who will be here for less than 14 days who do not need access through the Accelerator Area Gates may not need a badge.  Please fill out the SLAC Access Forms for either a conference or any other visit. This access portal will guide you through the process and authorization.

Visitor (SLAC definition): Visitors to SLAC are those individuals accessing the site for purposes other than conducting work in support of the DOE mission or that otherwise involve access to DOE information or technologies.  This is regardless of the duration of the visit. Visitors may include the following:  

  1. All individuals coming to SLAC to attend a meeting/conference/seminar and/or workshop that is held in general access areas of the Laboratory and who are not performing any SLAC related work or experiments or receiving payments or reimbursements from SLAC.
  2. Anyone on site for the sole purpose of attending SLAC public tours or public lectures.
  3. Anyone attending special events at SLAC that do not require any training or work.
  4. All individuals staying at the guest house who are not affiliated with SLAC experimenters or work.
  5. All delivery personal/vendors making deliveries to SLAC or to construction/special projects.

All Others

Anybody else needing a badge at SLAC should have their SLAC sponsor or point of contact review the information on the Badging Office page this is a SLAC-Internal page (internal link, direct the sponsor to the link).  You can fill out the SLAC Access Portal and your SLAC sponsor / point of contact will need to approve the access. The form will guide you through the process and authorization.

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