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Dosimetry and Radiological Environmental Protection (DREP)
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Frequently Asked Questions
- Dosimetry

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Why do I have to wear a dosimeter?

Where at SLAC do I have to wear my dosimeter?

What training do I need to get a dosimeter?

Where can I take the training?

After training, where can I get the dosimeter?

How do I wear my dosimeter?

What are things that I should never do to my dosimeter?

What should I do if I lose my dosimeter?

What should I do if I receive X-Ray radiation therapy or medical treatment involving internal radioactive isotopes while wearing my dosimeter?

What should I know about medical treatment and radiation exposure?

What should I do if my dosimeter goes through security x-ray machine (hand carried or checked luggage) at the airport?

What can I do if I am pregnant or I plan to become pregnant?

What should I do if I want to withdraw my formally declared pregnancy in writing?

What should I know about pregnancy and radiation exposure?

How do I return / exchange my dosimeter?

Do I need to return my dosimeter before leaving SLAC permanently?

How can I get my dose report?

Can I have my radiation dose records transferred to other institutions?

What kind of dosimeter does SLAC use for monitoring individual exposure?

What is inside a dosimeter?

What if I want to bring my friends/colleagues to SLAC for a tour in a Radiological Controlled Area (RCA)?


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