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Chapter 11: Excavation Safety

The purpose of this program is to ensure that excavations are conducted in a safe manner and in compliance with applicable regulations. This program applies if an excavation meets any of the following conditions, at any time:

  1. Depth is one foot or more
  2. Power tools will be used
  3. Utilities are identified
  4. Any hazardous condition is likely to be encountered

The following excavation types are exempt from the requirements of this program:

  1. Replacing existing sign posts in and around SLAC roads, parking areas, and pathways, provided sleeves are used
  2. Sampling soil, concrete, and asphalt from bins, hoppers, or stockpiles using hand tools

The program covers planning and performing excavations, including approving and closing out excavation permits, locating utilities, updating as-built drawings, and ensuring that all physical and recordkeeping requirements are met.

It applies to workers, supervisors, competent persons, utility locators, project and field construction managers, the Facilities and Operations facilities engineer and division director, the excavation safety program manager, and subcontractors, Safety Services, Waste Management, Radiation Protection, and Environmental Protection.

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Department: Construction Safety Services
Program Manager: Greg W. Johnson

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