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MFD Safety Program



Staff Training Assessment

2009 STA Spreadsheet

2008 STA spreadsheetphoto of  a train


New Employees - First Steps

Prior to a new employee being released to work, the employee and their supervisor must complete and discuss their Staff Training Assessment. See your Safety Comes First New Employee Binder for more information.  Once you have the new employees STA complete, the supervisor can contact Sharon Oden and she will register the new employee for classes.

Registration for Classroom Based Training / Medical Exams:

  • Sharon Oden will register employees for classroom training and medical exams.
  • Supervisors are notified of employee training registration via a "training notification" printout. Supervisors should record the training on their calendars and inform the employee of their class (time/date).
  • Upon completion of the course/exam, the employee signs and returns the "training notification" printout Dianna.
  • If an employee cannot attend a scheduled class or medical exam, contact Sharon Oden as soon as possible and she will inform ES&H or the Medical Office. The number of "no-shows" are reported to the directorate each quarter.
  • Sharon will only register an employee for a course twice. If they miss their scheduled class twice the supervisor will be notified and it will be up them to re-enroll the employee and ensure they attend the course.

Computer-based / Web-based Training

Sharon will notify the supervisor by email that when computer/web based training is approaching.

  • EOESH, GERT and Back Safety are computer-based courses.
  • Other courses are Web Based  and can be completed from any workstation.  Follow the instructions for logging into the web-based courses. Employees must log in with their System ID number. The default password is slac2005 but it is recommended that you change it after your first log in. Forgotten passwords can be reset by following the link in the log in instructions link above.

Supervisor Training Reports:

These reports are a tool for you as supervisors to monitor your employee training. This report will tell you what employees are overdue within 90 days, what employees are overdue and whether or not they are registered for a course. The direct link to this report is here. I suggest searching by your name and book marking the link for easy reference.

Unfortunately, this report no longer shows contractor training. I have notified ES&H that it would be useful to include contractors again but for the time being it remains that way. To view your contractor training, go to the Due Dates report

Under Status select “Subcontractor” and yourself as the supervisor.

Lastly, it is important that you monitor your employee’s overdue training on a regular basis. The ES&H database is often incorrect and I must resolve these errors with the ES&H Training group. To do this I often need more information from supervisors.

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