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MFD Safety Program


Hoisting and Rigging

Hoisting and Rigging imageH&R Procedures and Approvals

All H&R activates must be performed using a procedure or lift plan approved by Randy Ralston or Britt von Thaden (METS Safety Officers). 

Inspection of Hoisting & Rigging Equipment

Hoisting & Rigging equipment must go through several different types of inspections

  • Pre-use Inspection

    Pre-use inspections are performed by the operator that will be using the equipment.

  • Annual Inspection

    Annual inspections are performed by a qualified inspector. Equipment that meets inspection criteria is marked with and inspection sticker indicating the date of next inspection.

    • All cranes (including shop cranes/cherry pickers), hoists and below-the-hook lifting devices (spreader bars, bridles, hooks, plate clamps, magnets etc) are inspected annually.  Equipment with expired inspections must not be used.
    • Rigging hardware such as shackles, synthetic slings, eyebolts, turnbuckles do not require inspection stickers, but must be inspected by the prior to each use.

H&R Equipment Inventory

MFD Maintains an inventory of all cranes, hoists, and below-the-hook lifting devices.  The inventory includes photos of the item, equipment information, certifications, inspection records.

Access the MFD crane and rigging inventory at


Purchasing H&R Equipment

When purchasing new H&R equipment:

  • Consult DOE Standard 1090 Appendix A- "Procurement Guidelines" for requirements specific to the equipment you are purchasing.  Be sure to specify in your purchase requisition that the vendor must provide:
    • load test certification
    • comply with applicable sections of DOE Standard 1090 Appendix A; "Procurement Guidelines".  You may want to attach the applicable sections to the purchase order and specify that the vendor must comply.
    • NDT (non-destructive testing) certification of all load bearing welds
  • Provide a originals of all certifications to Karen Holtemann.  Karen will:
    • Input the item into the MFD H&R inventory including scans of all certifications
    • Complete the necessary documentation and arrange for initial-use inspection of the item by a qualified inspector.
  • When the equipment is ready to be put into service, it will be tagged with an inspection sticker.  Equipment cannot be used until it is tagged.

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