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Radiation Physics
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Radiation Physics FAQ

I have a radiological safety question about my potential or on-going experiment involving accelerator beam, whom can I call?

What is a Beam Authorization Sheet (BAS) or a Beam Line Authorization (BLA) sheet?

What is a Radiation Safety Work Control form (RSWCF)? When do I have to use it? Where to find the detailed procedure of using a RSWCF?

What do I have to do to remove or modify items labeled as “radiation safety items”?

I am running an experiment and would like to change the operating conditions, e.g. extending BAS time period, bypassing safety interlocked devices (BCS and PPS), or inserting something into the beam line. Are there any special concerns or anything I have to do?

I am designing a new beam line, beam-related experiment or a test at SLAC. How do I start to go through to determine the safety requirements?


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