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Dosimetry and Radiological Environmental Protection (DREP)
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Frequently Asked Questions

See 'Obtaining a Dosimeter' for overall information on the process. This page is specifically to answer questions about the web-based form released October 2011 and the new My SLAC Dose Report.


SLAC Web-based Dosimeter/ID Request Form

These FAQ are for the web-based SLAC Dosimeter/ID Request forms.  Form A, with Training,  and Form B, escort required.

  1. What is the difference between Form A and Form B? 

    Form A
    is an ID/Dosimeter Request Form for those who have the appropriate SLAC ESH training such as EOESH, GERT, and RWT.

    Form B is for those who do not have appropriate ESH training, such as visitors, and yet need to get inside radiological zones. People without training must have an escort into Accelerator Areas and/or Controlled Areas. Filling out Form B allows them to be escort-approved, and, if needed, a Visitor ID and dosimeter are also assigned with Form B.
  2. Can I use a browser other than Internet Explorer?

    Only Internet Explorer is fully tested to work with this application. Other browsers (such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari) may not function in all areas of the form.
  3. Which fields on the form must be filled out?

    All the red fields must be filled out completely. They cannot be left blank. If no information is readily available, enter any non-blank character (such as “NA”).  
  4. Why some fields are grayed out?

    If field is grayed out it means you do not have permissions to use/edit it.  
  5. Can I fill these forms out for someone else?

    Yes, you can fill the form out on behalf of someone else (for example, visitors, contractors, users, or your employees) by logging in under your name and clicking the button “On Behalf Of” in Section 5 of Form A, and Section 4 of Form B. In this case, you will need to print out a hard copy of the form for the applicant to sign and forward to the SLAC Dosimetry Office (MS 84), to keep as the record. All subsequent approval processes are still done electronically.  
  6. Who is my direct supervisor?

    Just go the SLAC Phone Directory and search for your name. Click on Org chart to find out who is your direct supervisor.  
  7. If my direct supervisor is out, can someone else approve the form?

    Yes, use the button Lookup My Approver (for Form A) or Lookup Approver/Escort Name (for Form B) and select the alternative approver from the list. An e-mail will be sent to this alternative approver/escort instead of the default supervisor.  
  8. I am a supervisor, how do I approve the form for my employees?

    When you receive an e-mail notification for approval request from esh-drep, click on the attached link to go directly to the Dosimeter/ID Request Form, click on the Edit button above Section 6 (for Form A) or above Section 5 (for Form B). Review and fill out the proper approvals. Click Save to complete the process.  

    (Do not attempt to reply to the email - it is a closed account.  If you need to contact somebody in DREP, please talk to Keith Washington, x4894.)
  9. Where do I get my ID Badge and/or my dosimeter?

    After your supervisor/escort has approved the form, you may go directly to the SLAC Site Security Badging Office to get your ID Badge and/or your dosimeter. For SSRL/LCLS users, please contact your user administrators.  
  10. I just took some ESH training, why does Section 7 of Form A, “ESH Training Verification”, not reflect this?

    It generally takes about two working days to update the training records. Just bring your proof of training to the Badging Office to complete the Dosimeter/ID request.  
  11. Do I need to print or sign anything before I go to the Badging Office?

    No (except the case described in FAQ #5). All approval processes are conducted electronically. Your Windows username and password constitute your electronic signature.  
  12. Can I make changes or edit the form after I submitted it?

    No. But you can contact Keith Washington (ext. 4894) to make any changes. For SSRL/LCLS users, please contact your user administrators.

My SLAC Dose Report

These FAQ are for the new My SLAC Dose Report, a life-time personal dose report.  (The information is confidential and access is restricted to the user and supervisor.) 

  1. If I don’t have a SLAC Windows account, can I still access my dose report online?

    No. For security reasons, you cannot access to the dose report without a valid Windows username and password. However, you can request a hardcopy of your dose report by filling out the Authorization to Release Occupational Exposure Information form [pdf].
  2. Why does the Print PDF Report button not work?

    You must first click on the Go button for the report query before clicking on the Print PDF Report.
  3. How do I recognize the type of dosimeter assigned to me in my lifetime dose report?

    By looking at the Start Date and End Date of each row in the report: GERT dosimeter reports are annually, RWT quarterly, and Temporary monthly.
  4. Why do I have several readings in one year?

    You may have obtained several temporary or replacement dosimeters in one year.
  5. Why is the Start Date of some dosimeters December 15 instead of January 1?

    Due to SLAC annual winter holiday shutdown, dosimeters with a start date of January 1 are generally issued two weeks earlier (December 15).


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