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Environmental Management System (EMS)

The Environmental Management System is a component of the overall Integrated Safety and Environmental Management Systems (ISEMS) at SLAC.  Our SLAC ESH Policy shows this at the core level of our management.

Program Description 

Environmental Management System [pdf] icon: secured site link


Micki DeCamara, EMS Program Manager

What is an Environmental Management System?

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a system that helps an organization develop, implement, achieve, and maintain a successful Environmental, Safety, and Health policy. All organizations, including facilities operated for the federal government, have an obligation to preserve the environment and its resources for future generations. An Environmental Management System helps facilities meet this responsibility through planning, tracking, and continually improving environmental performance. See the EMS pamphlet.

EMS Documents

  • EMS Documents, including the current year's EMS objectives, are available on SharePoint


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