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In case of emergency, dial 911
  - After calling 911, call SLAC Security x5555, then notify your supervisor
  - See the emergency page for more contacts, instructions, and support information

If you are not sure who to contact, call (650) 926-4554 (ESH Service Desk) or SLAC-Internal page email esh-safety (email is for SLAC internal use only).

If you have a concern or suggestion, please see the ESH Concerns page for contact options.

General Numbers:

  - ESH Admin x4460
 - ESH Service Desk x4554 
 - Radiological Field Operations x4299 (also to request a field survey)
 - SLAC Medical x2281
 - SLAC Security, general x2551
 - SLAC Security, incident reporting x5555 (if incident is life-threatening, call 911)
 - ESH Anonymous Report line x4641 (to report concerns anonymously)

ESH-related Programs and SME Resource List  icon for secured site link (SLAC Internal)

ESH Organizational Chart
- Overall Structure
- Full Chart [pdf] icon for secured site link (SLAC Internal)

ESH Contacts

ESH Division Director's Office

  • Building 41, Mail Stop 84, fax (650) 926-3030
  • Brian Sherin - Division Director
  • Mary Nelson - Divisional Admin. Manager

ESH Departments

  • Environmental Protection - website
    (Environmental Compliance, Environmental Restoration, EMS & Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention)
  • Field Services - website
    (Safety Services, Industrial Hygiene, Waste Management, Chemical Management)
  • Occupational Health (Medical) - website
  • Project Safety - website
    (Safety Oversight, Building Inspection Office, Electrical Safety, Fire Protection)
  • Radiation Protection - website
    - RP Call-In List
    (Dosimetry, Field Operations, Laser Safety, Radiation Physics, Radiological Environment Protection, Radioactive Waste Management)
  • Security and Emergency Management - website
    (Site Security, Emergency Management, Security Systems)
  • Information Management - website icon for secured site link (SLAC Internal)
    (Training, Business Applications, Publishing, Website)

Other Safety Contacts

ESH Committees  

ESH Coordinators  

Safety Officers    


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