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3D Detector/Electronics Integration Technologies - Applications to LC, SLHC and Photon Sources

Abstract: The increase in processing power by device scaling is reaching it's limits. In response, the electronics industry is developing a range of technologies which aim to use vertical integration of electronics to increase processing power density. Many of these new technologies can be directly applied to the next generation of particle detectors. I will describe some of the work we have done to demonstrate this technology, including the first vertically integrated demonstrator chip for ILC vertex detection, and integration of readout with detectors using oxide bonding and silicon-on-insulator technology. This talk will discuss the results of these studies as well as ongoing work using commercial foundries to build highly integrated multi-tier devices for ILC, sLHC, and x-ray imaging.
Speaker: Ronald Lipton - FNAL
Speaker Bio: Ronald Lipton is a staff scientist at Fermilab. He has been involved in the development and construction of several particle detector systems. He worked on liquid argon calorimeters for Experiment 515 and 653 at Fermilab, and worked on the construction and testing of the end calorimeter for the D0 Tevatron Collider experiment. He led the construction of the D0 Silicon Microstrip Tracker. He also led the construction of the Layer 0 detector for D0, which was installed in the spring of 2006. He is now working on R&D for future detector systems.
Poster Link: Poster
Presentation: Presentation on 1/13/2010 (PDF)