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Information for Speakers

The goal of the Advanced Instrumentation Seminar series is to educate the SLAC community regarding new achievements in instrumentation that may be of interest in the development of instrumentation at SLAC. The target audience includes particle physicists and astrophysicists, accelerator physicists and the entire photon science community, including electronic, mechanical and software engineers supporting these areas. A large fraction of the audience are graduate students and postdoctoral researchers and few will have in-depth expertise in your topic. Therefore, it is important that the seminars begin with a very basic introduction and that the details of the underlying technology are presented only insofar as they clarify the key concepts and goals. While it is important to motivate the topic by discussing the context and purpose of the instrumentation in the pursuit of the underlying science, the focus of the talk should rest clearly on the instrumentation itself.

Although the needs of every talk are individual, we suggest the following as a rough guideline:

  • Begin with 15 minutes introducing the general topic and the history of the instrumentation and discussing its importance in the study of some physical phenomena.
  • Follow this introduction with approximately 30 minutes on the details of the instrumentation and its development, emphasizing the key advancements and performance milestones.
  • Finish with 15 minutes summarizing the status and plans for future development, emphasizing the key goals which must be met in order to successfully deploy the instrument or technology for its desired purposes.

Seminars are held every second Wednesday in the auditorium of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology on the SLAC campus, begin promptly at 1:30 PM and are one hour in length. Light refreshments are served beginning at 1:15.