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MFD: Mechanical Fabrication Department

MFD Shops & Services

Please click on one of the following links to find out more information about the Mechanical Fabrication Department's capabilities or contact information for a specific shop. For information regarding the status of an in-process job, please click the button for "Job Input & Tracking" and choose "Current and historical job database search."

Production Planning & Control
Services include job input, estimating, scheduling, planning, routing, tracking, and expediting of jobs; material ordering; and handling outside vendor procurements.
Braze Shop / Precision Assembly
Services include assembly and brazing, coating, and high-temperature firing, as well as coil fabrication and non-vacuum related accelerator maintenance.
Machine Shop
Our machine shop. Follow this link for a list of capabilities and contact information for both locations. Also available are several machines for qualified staff
Metal Finishing Shop
Degreasing, UHV cleaning, and plating are performed in MFD's Metal Finishing Shop.
Fabrication Shop (Sheet Metal, Weld, and Coil Shops)
As the name implies, sheet metal-related fabrication and welding is handled by this shop. "Clean" welding for vacuum system parts is handled by this shop's personnel. This shop manufactures and repairs magnets and magnet coils as well.
Vacuum Shop
The Vacuum Shop performs the assembly, bake-out, and maintenance for SLAC's ultra-high vacuum systems and components.
Field Operations
The Operations Group assists MFD and its customers by providing guidance and feedback based on years of experience working in the areas of production, fabrication, and maintenance at SLAC.

Internal MFD Support Services
Machine Tool Maintenance
The Machine Tool Maintenance group preserves the function of SLAC's metal working machinery, manufacturing process systems, and capital equipment throughout their useful lives. Click here to find out service and contact information.
Safety Office
The MFD Safety Office focuses on the “Work Safe” part of “Work Safe, Work Smart, Work Fast”(B. Richter - SLAC Director Emeritus, 1996). Specifically, the office assists the line in maximizing the protection of MFD’s people, property, and environment while meeting production goals.
Information Technology
The Information Technology Group provides support for MFD computer users, including manufacturing, data acquisition, and desktop applications, and the department's servers, printers, peripheral hardware, and network communications.

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Last update: January 30, 2019