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Laser Scanner Operations

Laser Scanner OperationsIn 2004 the Alignment Engineering Group (AEG) prepared a request for proposals that went out to potential vendors to offer a high-resolution three-dimensional laser scanner for low accuracy metrology surveys at SLAC. Specifications were established including range, accuracy, scan density, resolution and field of view in consideration of anticipated department requirements. Four vendors visited SLAC from June 29th to July 8th 2004 to demonstrate their system and they were asked to perform three unique tests on a two day visit. Two of the three tests were created to emulate real-world applications at SLAC while the third was an accuracy and resolution series of experiments.

Although Leica’s HDS4500 and Zoller+Fröhlich's Imager5003 stood out in the final analysis, hardware considerations (see movie of sample scan) including a guaranteed upgrade path made Z+F's Imager5003 the final choice. (See the presentation and poster from the 2004 Accelerator Alignment conference or SLAC publication 10770). Leica's Cyclone software was better suited to our needs and therefore was the software of choice. The Imager5003 was received in December 2004 and included lessons for the hardware and software. In January 2005 four AEG personnel went for a full week of Cyclone software training. This software will eventually be used to model structures at SLAC.

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