Metrology Department

Laser Scanner Applications

The Imager 5003 will provide excellent models for as-built survey applications when accuracy is not required. Industry testing and results such as Boehler's and Schulz's show that accuracies not better than 3mm are expected and can often be as large as 1cm. Presently AEG personnel are learning to efficiently scan and process the immense amount of data generated by a scan.

JAN 2005 
FEB 2005

Sector 10 Laboratory Test Scan
Sector 20 Injection Scan

Issues to be resolved:
  • type of targets used in scans (hardware and software issues related to scan density, target recognition, and integration into regular survey networks for both Z+F and Leica);

1.5" Spherical
1.5" Spherical

Leica Cyra
Leica Cyra 

Z+F Paper
Z+F Paper

  • choice of resolution for scanning (all scans at super high resolution would be way too large in many cases but high resolution regions will be necessary in other situations);
  • number of set-ups and the associated geometry;
  • modelling the raw data for CAD and doing so in a timely manner;
  • archiving and retrieving data.

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Last update: March 08, 2007