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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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ETS Administrative Guidelines

  1. DOE Event Questionnaire

    1. DOE pre-approval is required when attending meetings, seminars, workshops, retreats, symposiums, or similar events.

    2. Complete 75 days before the event begins

  2. Domestic Travel 

    1. DOE Event Questionnaire

    2. Group Leader/Department Head Signature Approval

    3. Travel Flow Chart

  3. Foreign Travel

    1. DOE Event Questionnaire

    2. Group Leader/Department Head and ETS Director Approval

    3. Travel Flow Chart 

  4. Invitation Letters

    1. Invitation Letter Templates

    2. ETS Director signs all ETS Invitation Letters

  5. Badges and Site Visitors

    1. Site Entry Form

    2. SLAC Visitor Form

    3. Stanford Guest House – Direct Bill Form

  6. Department Administrative Funds

    1. Fund Usage: Service awards, retirements, meeting refreshments, business cards (not covered by DOE contract)

    2. Funds usage must be pre-approved by ETS Director (written request – email or memo)

    3. ETS Administrator records usage and contacts requestor when forms are ready for reimbursement

    4. Petty Cash Voucher Reimbursement – Give to ETS Administrator who gets ETS Director approval, email or memo and original receipts must accompany Petty Cash Voucher form.

  7. Job Hazard Analysis Mitigation (JHAMs) and Area Hazard Analysis (AHAs)

    1. Create a  JHAM

    2. Create an AHA

  8. Purchase Requisitions - E-Procurement PeopleSoft web-based purchasing system

  9. Required Signature Chart

  10. Avoid Administrative Headaches – 5 Things To Remember


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