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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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ETS is now the Accelerator Engineering Division within the Accelerator Directorate.

Mission Statement

We transform the existing facilities into a modern laboratory where people are productive and share a pride in their workplace.

We develop the core competencies of the laboratory by adequate funding, world-class facilities and staffed by leaders in the fields.

  • Klystron Microwave
  • Pulsed power systems
  • Metrology
  • Accelerator and experimental control systems


Associate Lab Director, Acting Karen Fant
Deputy Director Ray Larsen
Financial Analyst Cole Carter
Administration Barbara Hemstad
ES&H Coordinator Karen Holtemann
Department Dept. Head Dept. Admin
Controls Hamid Shoaee Deborah Lilly
Klystron Erik Jongewaard Wanda Elliott
Mechanical Design Ricky Tankersley Sharon Oden
Mechanical Fabrication Karen Fant Dianna Tibbetts
Metrology Robert Ruland Yoko Tahara
Power Conversion Craig Burkhart Barbara Blum

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