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EP-Hazardous Waste Management
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Devices for keeping hazardous waste containers "closed"

Hazardous waste containers must remain closed except when adding or removing waste. Several commercially available devices may be acceptable for closing a hazardous waste container if the devices are properly used and maintained.

    • The device must prevent the escape of vapors.
    • The device must be able to contain spillage if the container were tipped over.

The type of device used will depend on the type of container, and the type of waste in the container.


For containers holding liquid wastes, two styles of funnels can be installed in the bung of an open-top drum (5, 30, and 55 gallon). These funnels must be kept closed and sealed when not adding waste to the container.

Left: self-closing funnel. Right: drum funnel

                  self-closing funnel   

Self-closing lids

For containers holding solid waste, a self-closing lid can be used.



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