Klystron Department

Microwave Engineering & Maintenance

The Microwave Engineering & Maintenance Group supports a wide variety of RF systems for both future and existing accelerator projects:

  • PEP-II RF System Support and Development
  • SPEAR3 RF System Support and Development
  • LCLS LINAC and Injector RF
  • Accelerator Maintenance R. F.

The Microwave Engineering group has responsibilities for the 2856 MHz, pulsed power klystrons on the main SLC LINAC and the 476 MHz, CW klystrons for the PEP-II and SPEAR3 accelerators.

The group is also involved in modeling the next generation of high pulsed power sheet beam klystrons for the NLC project.

Computational modeling of the existing 1.2 MW, 476 MHz CW klystrons has allowed the group to overcome operational limitations on PEP-II, due to oscillation driven instabilities and peak power saturation effects










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