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TIMING 11a.m.-12 p.m., Panofsky Auditorium.
MEDIUM: Streaming Video  (Accessible through the SLAC Klystron Department web page)
  1. Class notes, also posted on web.

  2. Chapter 3, “Klystrons” in forthcoming MURI “Vacuum Electronics Devices” book. (MURI is the Air Force “Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative”)

  3. “Power Klystrons Today” Smith and Phillips.

PREREQUISITES: Algebra, trigonometry, calculus and basic physics.  
LECTURES: Following is a tentative listing of the class presentations.  Some rescheduling  will be necessary from time to time due to unexpected travel or auditorium conflicts. 

The fully processed streaming video will be available on the Web a week after the auditorium presentation.

We suggest that you download the "Lecture notes" prior to viewing the video, so that both the slides and the "speaker's notes" are available to follow as you listen to the speaker. The lecture notes may be slow to download, because some of them are large files.


1.  01/14/04 Discussion of today’s major applications.  Radar, accelerators, UHF television, satellite communications, millimeter wave transmitters. Examples (pictures) of klystron types. Historical perspective.  (G. Caryotakis) Lecture Notes MURI Book 1.     MURI Book Appendix 1.
2.  01/21/04 Velocity modulation, kinematic theory. (G. Caryotakis) Lecture Notes ; MURI Book 2
3.  02/04/04 Space-charge theory (G. Caryotakis) Lecture Notes; MURI Book 3
The lectures notes for both lectures 1 and 2 may contain corrections which were not on the video when it was taped. It is advisable to either print the notes in advance of the streaming video or use a split screen to view both.
4.  02/11/04 Design of electron guns. Basics of Pierce general beam gun design. Vaughan synthesis procedure for Pierce guns. Example of gun design for the NLC klystron. Basics of sheet-beam gun design. Novel Sheet-beam analyzer. (R. Phillips). Lecture Notes, MATHCAD example file,
MATHCAD file requires Version 8 or later. Instructions for the MATHCAD worksheet are found in the lecture notes.
5. 02/18/04 Focusing of klystron beams. Basics of solenoid and PPM focusing. Cost and thermal advantages of long-period PPM focusing. Basics of sheet-beam focusing. (R. Phillips).
6. 03/03/04 Klystron Gain-Bandwidth Calculations and Simulations.  (G. Caryotakis)
Lecture Notes (6 and 7
MATHCAD example file
(MURI Book Appendix 2)
AJ DISK Executable (Legacy Version) (MURI Book Appendix 3)
AJ DISK Executable (2012-10-05, Java Required)
MURI Book 4
7. 03/10/04

Klystron Gain-Bandwidth Calculations and Simulations (continued). (G. Caryotakis) AJ Disk input file attached.
Instructions for download:  Right mouse click on the AJ Disk input file attached link above.  Select Save Target As....  When Save As window comes up select where you would like to save the file and left mouse click Save.  The .dsk file is now available to be loaded into AJ Disk from your designated location.

8. 03/24/04

Selected Klystron Design Topics.  R/Q simulations.  Use of SUPERFISH code.  (G. Scheitrum) Lecture Notes.
9. 04/21/04

Klystrons compared to other microwave power amplifiers.  Operation and applications of traveling wave tubes, gyro-klystrons, and solid-state amplifiers. (G. Scheitrum and R. Phillips)  Lecture Notes.

10. 05/19/04 Klystron fabrication.  Vacuum and processing techniques. (E. Jongewaard)  Lecture Notes.
11. 05/26/04 Extended interaction, sheet and multiple beam klystrons.  (G. Caryotakis)
12. 06/02/04 Klystron power supplies, modulators and testing. (S. Gold)  Lecture Notes.
13. 06/09/04 Design of the B-Factory klystron. (E. Jongewaard)
14. 06/23/04 2-D and 3-D MAGIC codes applied to klystron design examples. (D. Smithe - Mission Research Corporation (MRC)) Lecture Notes,

Note: To view the animations return to this page and click on the links below

Slide 4 - 5 Stage Output Cavity Hot Test
Slide 10 - Sheet Beam Output Cavity Velocity
Slide 13 - 3/4-Pi Mode Output Cavity
Slide 14 - Sheet Beam Output Cavity Bunch Fronts
Slide 15 - Reltron Hot Test
15. 08/26/04 Design of the NLC PPM klystron (D. Sprehn) 

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