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X-ray optics for FEL and Astrophysics

Abstract: Recent advances in multilayer techniques and substrate fabrication have led to development of hard X-ray optics for a range of applications. In astrophysics, focusing mirrors will open one of the last unexplored areas of astronomy and provide insight into black hole formation and nucleosynthesis. In the laboratory, these technologies are integral components of next generation light sources, serving as optical elements that transport the beam to end-stations and once there, focusing it for specific experiments. I begin this talk with a brief introduction to the operational principles of reflective X-ray optics and the breakthroughs that enable new classes of instruments. I will then discuss two projects whose success depends on hard X-ray optics: NuSTAR, Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, a NASA-sponsored mission scheduled for launch in 2011, and LCLS, the Linac Coherent Light Source, a DOE-funded free electron X-ray laser scheduled for completion in 2009.
Speaker: Mike Pivovaroff - Lawrence Livormore National Laboratory
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Presentation: Presentation on 4/30/2008 (PDF)