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Liquid Xenon TPC: A Tool for Dark Matter Search

Abstract: The Liquid Xenon TPC: A Tool for Dark Matter Search, Astrophysics, and more. The liquid xenon time projection chamber (LXeTPC) has become a powerful tool in various applications of radiation detection and imaging. We have applied this technology very successfully in a dual phase mode for searches of nuclear recoils by Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, as we try to understand the nature of Dark Matter in the universe. I will review the properties of this type of detector, with emphasis on the XENON Dark Matter suite of experiments: the established XENON10, the next generation experiment XENON100, currently being commissioned at Grans Sasso National Lab in Italy, and future plans at the ton and multi-ton level. The LXeTPC also has promise in searches of rare decays or in gamma-ray astronomy. The latter approaches use LXeTPC's in single, liquid phase, with a combination of charge and light readout. We will discuss science requirements and current R&D status with regard to a future gamma-ray telescope application.
Speaker: Uwe Oberlack - Rice University
Speaker Bio: Uwe Oberlack is William V. Vietti Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Rice University in Houston. After his Ph.D. thesis in gamma-ray astronomy at the Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics in Germany, he went to Columbia University to work on the LXeGRIT experiment, a balloon-borne liquid xenon TPC for gamma-ray astronomy. He is currently P.I. on a NASA grant for R&D towards a future Liquid Xenon Advanced Compton Telescope, and Co-I on the XENON Dark Matter project, with current focus on the XENON100 experiment at Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy.
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