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Acceleration at the hundred GV/m scale using Laser Wakefields

Abstract: Experiments and simulations at the LOASIS laboratory of LBNL are developing advanced particle accelerators based on laser driven plasma waves (wakefields), including recent demonstration of electron beams with low energy spread and divergence at energies of 1 MeV to 1 GeV. In such experiments an intense laser pulse drives a space charge wave in a plasma, producing acceleration gradients on the order of 100GeV/m. Electrons are trapped from the background plasma and accelerated. Recent experiments demonstrated narrow energy spread beams, and new experiments observed energies of up to 1 GeV using a longer plasma channel at low density, demonstrating the anticipated scaling to higher beam energies. Particle simulations are used to understand the trapping and acceleration mechanisms. Advanced diagnostics developed include single shot THz measurement of the fs-scale bunch length. Experiments and simulations are also in progress to control injection of particles into the wake and hence improve beam quality and stability further. Recent experimental and simulation results will be presented.
Speaker: Cameron Geddes - LBNL
Speaker Bio: Cameron Geddes is a scientist in the LOASIS program at LBNL working on laser driven high gradient particle accelerators. Previous fields included laser fusion at at Livermore Laboratory, and tokamak and spheromak plasmas. He received the Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 2005, and B.A. from Swarthmore college in 1997.
Poster Link: Poster
Presentation: Presentation on 4/4/2007 (PDF)