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Integrated Circuits for Advanced Detectors

Abstract: Moore’s law of exponentially increasing circuit density has greatly benefited scientific instrumentation. As detection volumes shrink from cm or mm 1-D length scales to µm 2-D (and even 3-D) scales, a corresponding increase in readout electronics compactness is required. The solution is generally a custom integrated circuit (IC), designed for a specific instrumentation application. LBNL has been designing custom integrated circuits for a variety of applications for more than 20 years. This talk will highlight current activities and projects in high-energy physics, astrophysics, synchrotron radiation research and other areas. The design process, and some of the challenges, will be described as well.
Speaker: Peter Denes - LBNL
Speaker Bio: Speaker's Bio: not available
Poster Link: Poster
Presentation: Presentation on 3/7/2007 (PDF)