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Under pressure: vulnerability and resilience of marine ecosystems to multiple escalating stressors

Abstract: Climate variability and extremes are causing profound changes in ocean ecosystems. These impacts are compounded by other stresses, including overfishing, pollution and alteration of coastal habitats. I will present research assessing the vulnerability of ocean ecosystems and the services they provide to people to multiple pressures and a new initiative led by Stanfordís Center for Ocean Solutions to address this challenge.
Speaker: Fiorenze Micheli - Stanford Univeristy, Woods Institute
Speaker Bio: Dr Fiorenza Micheli is a marine ecologist and conservation biologist conducting research and teaching at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, in Monterey, California, USA, where she is the David and Lucile Packard Professor of Marine Science. Micheliís research focuses on the processes shaping marine communities and incorporating this understanding in the management and conservation of marine ecosystems. Her current research projects investigate social and ecological drivers of the resilience of small-scale fisheries to climatic impacts in Baja California, Mexico, the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of coastal hypoxia and ocean acidification, the ecology and conservation of sharks, and the function and establishment of Marine Protected Areas. She is a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation, a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, and senior fellow at Stanfordís Woods Institute for the Environment. She has recently become the co-director, with Jim Leape, of the Center for Ocean Solutions.
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