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Micro-Propulsion Development at CalPoly

Abstract: Cal Poly has a long-standing heritage of CubeSat research, development and testing. Recently, the Cal Poly repertoire has expanded to include research and development of micro-propulsion systems for use on CubeSats. In this presentation, the latest progress on current projects including the Pocket Rocket micro-thruster and micro-Newton thrust balance will be outlined. In addition, future plans involving electrospray and colloid thrusters will be discussed.
Speaker: Amelia Greig - CalPoly
Speaker Bio: Dr Amelia Greig has degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Science from the University of Adelaide, where she won the Most Innovative Honours Project award for the design, build and test of Australia’s first atmospheric plasma thruster. She completed her PhD in Physics at the Australian National University using experiments and simulations to validate the design of a new electrothermal plasma micro-thruster, known as ‘Pocket Rocket’, designed for use on CubeSats. Now an assistant professor at Cal Poly, Dr Greig teaches courses in spacecraft propulsion and the space environment, and leads the Aerospace Engineering Department’s micro-propulsion research activities looking into new and novel micro-propulsion systems for small satellites with a focus on CubeSats.
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