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Accelerating Science with data-intensive computing

Abstract: Today’s experimental scientists rely on computing as much as they do on beam lines, cameras and calorimeters. Well designed computing hardware and software is essential to collect, process and analyze the often enormous quantities of data involved in cutting edge experimental science. In this talk, I will discuss how NERSC (the National Energy Research Scientific Computing center) is enabling scientists to work with large volumes of data both experimental and simulated, and how the techniques evolved in commercial data-intensive computing can be applied to scientific research.
Speaker: Dr. Debbie Bard - NERSC, LBL
Speaker Bio: Debbie Bard is a Big Data Architect at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Berkeley National Lab. A native of the UK, her career spans research in particle physics, cosmology and computing on both sides of the Atlantic. She obtained her PhD at Edinburgh University, and worked at Imperial College London and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory before joining the Data and Analytics group at NERSC, where she focuses on data-intensive computing and research.
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