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Abstract: The radius of the proton, generally assumed to be a well measured and understood quantity has recently come under scrutiny due to highly precise, yet conflicting, experimental results. These new results have generated a host of interpretations, none of which are completely satisfactory. I will discuss the existing results, focusing on the discrepancy between the various extractions. I will briefly discuss some theoretical attempts at reso-lution and focus on new scattering measurements, both planned and already underway, that are attempting to resolve the puzzle.. Prof. Guy Ron completed his PhD in 2009 at Tel Aviv University working on measurements of the proton form factor ratio at low momentum transfer. After a short postdoc at the Weizmann Institute with the atom trap group he moved to LBL to work with Prof. Stuart Freedman on measurements on angular correlations in the beta decay of trapped atoms and ions. In 2011 Prof. Ron accepted a position at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Among Prof. Ron's research interests are: Searched for beyond SM physics using trapped atoms and ions, Measurements of the proton radius using muon and electron scattering, and in-medium modification of the nucleon structure.
Speaker: PROF. GUY RON - Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
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