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Transition-edge sensor X-ray microcalorimeters for high resolution X-ray spectroscopy

Abstract: SSRL Building 137 Room 322 Transition-edge sensor (TES) X-ray microcalorimetes are promising detectors for a variety of future X-ray observatory missions because of their extremely high energy resolution and good quantum efficiency. A TES microcalorimeter consists of a TES made of a superconducting film and an X-ray absorber strongly coupled to the TES. The resistance of the TES is highly dependent on small temperature changes when it is within the superconducting-to-normal metal transition, making it an extremely sensitive thermometer. Energy of X-ray photons is transferred to heat in the absorber, which is determined by measuring the temperature rise of the detector. I will describe here recent experiments with fine-pitch close-packed arrays of TES microcalorimeters with a resolving power on the order of 2,000 at 1.5 keV. I will also discuss TES microcalorimeters optimized for high count-rate capability with X-ray flux up to 1,000 counts per second per pixel. If time permits, I will introduce some other interesting devices being developed at NASA/GSFC
Speaker: Sang Jun Lee - Goddard Space GLight Center NASA
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