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Atomic layer lithography of wafer-scale nanogap arrays for extreme confinement of electromagnetic waves

Abstract: Plasmonic metal-insulator-metal (MIM) nano-sized gap structures, which enable light to be squeezed into nanometer-scale volumes, create very high intensity hot spots of light. This extreme light confinement can dramatically enhance light-matter interactions over a wide spectral range, from visible to near infrared and even to millimeter waves. These devices have applications in areas such as label free sensing of molecules, spectroscopy, and nonlinear effects, etc. In this talk, the speaker will introduce a wafer scale fabrication method to make nano-sized MIM gap structures using atomic layer lithography. The method can make nano gaps in metal films with single-digit-nanometer sizes and atomic resolution over a large area. Some applications of these particular MIM nanogaps will be discussed, including enhanced light transmission, surface enhanced infrared absorption (SEIRA), surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), and enhanced interactions between light and 2D materials.
Speaker: Xiaoshu Chen - University of Minnesota
Speaker Bio: Xiaoshu Chen is a research assistant in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She works in Prof. Sang-Hyun Ohs Laboratory of Nanostructures and Biosensing to design and fabricate plasmonic nano-optical devices for enhanced light-matter interactions. She has extensive experience in nano/micro devices design and myriad fabrication techniques. Beyond these specifics, she is broadly interested in nano photonics, metamaterials, photovoltaics and optical sensors.
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