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A Roadmap for Industrial I/O at SLAC

Abstract: With the increasing power of industrial PCs classic fieldbus systems now represent a bottle-neck in control system performance. This presentation will look at current fieldbus technology used at SLAC including Modbus, Profibus, ControlNet and Ethernet. We will then look at generic I/O requirements and present EtherCAT as a future fieldbus technology for SLAC. EtherCAT, an Ethernet based fieldbus, is widely used in the industrial automation field due to high real-time performance, large feature set, and low cost. EtherCAT features include short cycle times, accurate time synchronization, and redundant configurations. We will look at EtherCAT and EPICS control system integration based on the open source Etherlab EtherCAT master. Finally we will look at a cost comparison for generic I/O between EtherCAT and VME platforms.
Speaker: Mitch D'Ewart - SLAC
Speaker Bio: SLAC
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