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CMB Instrumentation

Abstract: After a brief introduction to the scientific motivation, we review some of the instrumentation used to measure the CMB anisotropy and polarization. We indicate future directions and draw examples of different techniques from WMAP, ACT, ABS, and ACTPol.
Speaker: Lyman Page - Princeton University
Speaker Bio: Page's primary research is on the analysis and measurement of the cosmic mi- crowave background (CMB) from ground-based, balloon-borne, and satellite plat- forms with HEMT ampli ers, SIS mixers, and bolometers. Detection techniques include direct mapping, time domain beam synthesis, and interferometry. Page has been a PI or Co-I on the FIRS, SASK, MSAM, QMAP, TOCO, and MINT experiments. He is one of the original co-investigators and the Princeton lead on the WMAP satellite which has mapped the anisotropy in the CMB over the entire sky with sub-degree resolution. He is the director of the ACT/ACTPol project in which a dedicated 6 m telescope in Chile with thousands of detectors is mapping the CMB with arcminute resolution, and will soon map in polarization. He is a co-director of the ABS experiment to measure the CMB B-mode polarization.
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