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Surface Related Aspects of Process Steps on Germanium

Abstract: Germanium is an attractive material for modern X-ray detector systems due to its high atomic number. Additionally, it regained attention in the last few years for future scaling of MOSFETs because of its higher carrier mobility in comparison to silicon. The germanium surface is one of the main issues both during manufacturing and operating of germanium-based devices. As an example, material loss during thermal processes might occur although the gas atmosphere was selected to be inert. Furthermore, implantation of heavy ions above a certain dose causes inadmissible surface roughness and formation of voids. Investigations on these effects are presented during the talk. In addition, surface leakage currents in devices require the search for good passivation methods. The talk will give insights into potential solutions.
Speaker: Jochen Kaiser - University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Speaker Bio: Mr. Kaiser obtained his diploma in electrical engineering at the University of Stuttgart in 2005. Afterward he joined the Chair of Electron Devices of the University Erlangen- Nuremberg. During his Ph.D. thesis, he was working on the technology of germaniumbased devices.
Poster Link: Poster
Presentation: Presentation on 10/8/2013 (PDF)