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A novel MAPS based vertex detector for the STAR experiment at RHIC

Abstract: The STAR experiment at RHIC is in the process of upgrading the inner detector region of the experiment to improve the vertex resolution. I will describe the design and current fabrication status of a MAPS based vertex detector which is the innermost and highest resolution detector of the set of three planned upgrade detectors. This detector will enable the identification of decay vertices displaced from the interaction vertex by 100-150 Ám and extend the capabilities of the STAR detector in the heavy flavor domain. I will present the detector requirements, selected detector design characteristics and prototyping results which have led to the existing detector design as well as results from the construction of an engineering detector that has recently been installed at STAR for the 2013 beam run.
Speaker: Leo Greiner - LBNL
Speaker Bio: Early to late 1990s - Work on AGS experiments E858, E878, E896 strangelet and H0 searches late 1990s design and construct the trigger system for the STAR experiment at RHIC early 2000s - calibration systems for Kamland 2003 - present - work on the research and development and design of the MAPS based pixel vertex detector for STAR Currently STAR Pixel Detector subsystem project manager
Poster Link: Poster
Presentation: Presentation on 5/22/2013 (PDF)