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Integrated Front-End Electronics for SiPM Detectors in Medical Imaging Applications

Abstract: Potential applications of Silicon Photo-Multipliers (SiPM) coupled to scintillation crystals span from medical imaging (for instance PET, TOF-PET and PET-MRI) to high energy physics (e.g. calorimeters), astrophysics and space science. Development of suitable integrated front-end electronics is mandatory to cope with the severe requirements of this kind of detectors in terms of dynamic range and speed of operation. On the basis of a comprehensive study of the electrical model of the detector, a complete front-end architecture, based on a full current-mode approach, has been developed and implemented in a standard 0.35ým CMOS technology. As a result, a family of multichannel ASICs has been designed and their main performance and features will be illustrated and discussed. With the aim of improving the time resolution of the detection system, significant modifications of the analog front-end architecture have been proposed and are currently in progress. Last, an interesting approach for the stabilization of the gain of the detector against undesired shifts, due to temperature variations, will be also described.
Speaker: Cristoforo Marzocca - Politecnico di Bari
Speaker Bio: Cristoforo Marzocca is an associate professor of electronics at Politecnico di Bari, Italy, since 2003. Testing of digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits and characterization of electronic devices have been among his first research interests in the past. More recently, in the framework of several projects of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), his activities have been focused on the design of CMOS analog circuits for the read out of solid state detectors. In the last few years he has been involved in the development of integrated front-end electronics suitable for Silicon Photo-Multiplier detectors.
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Presentation: Presentation on 10/26/2012 (PDF)