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EDELWEISS results and status

Abstract: The EDELWEISS experiment is a dark matter direct detection experiment using cryogenic germanium bolometers equipped with a set of interleaved electrodes, designed to achieve high background rejection. After introducing the detector design and developments, we will review the final results of the EDELWEISS-II stage, which consisted in a one-year-long search for WIMPs with ten 400-g detectors. The status of the ongoing EDELWEISS-III phase will be presented, whose core is a set of 40 so-called FID detectors of 800g each. Finally we will introduce the design of the future EURECA ton-scale experiment.
Speaker: Eric Armengaud - IRFU/SPP CEA Saclay
Speaker Bio: I was born near Paris and did my studies at the Ecole Normale Superieure at Paris PhD on the Auger experiment in 2003-2006 at College de France Since then I am at CEA-Saclay as a staff member, working on the Edelweiss experiment as well as (a little bit) on BigBoss.
Poster Link: Poster
Presentation: Presentation on 10/17/2012 (PDF)