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Advanced Photon and Ion Detection Technologies

Abstract: Focal plane array detectors have brought an amazing revolution to optical spectroscopy. Recent advances in optical array detectors, as well as future trends, will be presented. Whole new generations of highly promising ion and electron detectors are being implemented by adapting and modifying a combination of technologies originally developed for visible CCD’s and infrared multiplexer arrays. This new generation of ion and electron detectors is being implemented in configurations ranging from a single element suitable for quadrupole and time-of-flight ion mobility instruments to linear arrays for ion cycloidal and sector-based mass spectrometers. The latest results using these new techniques to read micro Faraday cups and arrays of finger electrodes will be presented. Since this approach is a high-sensitivity Faraday type coulombic detector, it is suitable for implementing high-density arrays in isotope ratio spectrometers and conventional mass spectrometers, as well as ultra high-sensitivity detectors for ion mobility spectrometers. Current results and future directions using optimized multiplexers will be presented. This detector technology holds promise for eventually providing detectors capable of extraordinarily linear operation from single to hundreds of millions of ions per second. These devices are being utilized in the implementation of a new generation of Ultra Sensitive Ion Mobility Spectrometers and Real Time Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometers capable of detecting explosives from standoff distances exceeding 35 meters. The impact of these developments on homeland security will be discussed.
Speaker: M. Bonner Denton - Univeristy of Arizona
Speaker Bio: M. Bonner Denton is a Professor of Chemistry and a Professor of Geosciences at the University of Arizona. His research centers on developing and applying new detection technology to a wide variety of fields, including optical and mass spectrometry. He received his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in 1967 from Lamar State College of Technology. In 1972 he received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. He is the recipient of the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award in Spectrochemical Analysis, 2001; The Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award, 1998; the University of Arizona Excellence in Teaching Award, 1993; and the SAS Lester Strock Award, 1991. Dr. Denton has served as the editor of four texts on Scientific Optical Imaging, and has authored over 190 peer-reviewed manuscripts. He has served as President of The Society of Applied Spectroscopy; Chair of the Analytical Division of the American Chemical Society; Galileo Fellow, College of Science, University of Arizona, 2004; Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2004; Fellow, Society for Applied Spectroscopy, 2006; and Fellow, National Association of the Advancement of Science, 2006.
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