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Digitizing the Analog World: Challenges and Opportunities

Abstract: In most modern electronic systems, information is processed and stored in digital format. However, analog interfaces are still necessary to interface with "real world" signals and often present a bottleneck in the overall system. This presentation will provide an overview of recent advances in the design of analog-digital interface circuits from an application standpoint. It will include examples from the areas of data communication, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), bio-medical instrumentation, structural health monitoring, and large-area electronics.
Speaker: Prof. Boris Murmann - Stanford University
Speaker Bio: Boris Murmann is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford, CA. He received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley in 2003. His research interests are in the area of mixed-signal integrated circuit design, with special emphasis on data converters and sensor interfaces. In 2008, Dr. Murmann was a co-recipient of the the Best Student Paper Award at the VLSI Circuit Symposium and the recipient of the Best Invited Paper Award at the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC). In 2009, he received Agilent Early Career Professor Award.
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