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The Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LAr TPC) in Neutrino Physics

Abstract: The liquid argon TPC is the most promising technology under development for future beam-based neutrino research. This technology offers 3D bubble chamber-like detail, allowing precise event reconstruction and particle identification in large detectors. Millimeter scale track resolution can be achieved by sampling ionization electrons drifting in a meter scale TPC. In very large detectors, the momentum of few-GeV minimum ionizing tracks can be estimated at the 10% level using multiple coulomb scattering. This technology poses significant technical challenges as well, requiring extraordinarily high chemical purity and electronics that can operate in the liquid. After a brief history I will review the U.S. liquid argon R&D development plan that includes materials testing, the operation of small and intermediate scale LAr TPC’s and the development of large scale cryogenic electronics culminating in a proposal to construct a 20kton underground detector at DUSEL.
Speaker: Bruce Baller - FNAL
Speaker Bio: Bruce Baller has been a staff scientist at Fermilab for 23 years. He has been involved in the development and construction of a variety of detectors and beams and has made contributions in event simulation and reconstruction as well. His career contributions include the design, construction and analysis of the E665 vertex detector drift chambers, E653 silicon micro-strip detector analysis and the development of off-line reconstruction software for DONUT. He served as the first project manager for the MINOS detector and later, the manager of the NuMI beamline. He is currently an assistant division head in the Particle Physics Division and the project manager for LAr20; the LBNE 20 kton liquid argon detector
Poster Link: Poster
Presentation: Presentation on 2/10/2010 (PDF)