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Hot or Not? Power dissipation in analog front end electronics for 2D detectors

Abstract: Area-based detectors have become important in charged particle tracking, imaging, and spectroscopy. With advances in detector technology both pixel density and information generation rates have increased. Up to now, CMOS electronics has been able to match the demands imposed by highly-segmented detectors. This talk will explore the limits of CMOS technology to continue this trend as detectors approach 10^8 pixels per cm^2, or information rates of 10^9 bits/s/cm2.
Speaker: Paul O'Connor - BNL
Speaker Bio: Paul O'Connor is Senior Physicist and Head of the Microelectronics Group in the Instrumentation Division at Brookhaven National Laboratory. After his Ph.D. in solid-state physics at Brown University he joined Bell Laboratories in the Advanced Semiconductor Device Group before coming to Brookhaven. He has been active in the field of sensor interface electronics and signal processing for applications ranging from fiber-optic communications, high energy physics, medical imaging, and astronomy.
Poster Link: Poster
Presentation: Presentation on 12/3/2008 (PDF)