Metrology Department

Global Positioning System (GPS) at SLAC

Vertical Comparator for the Calibration of Leveling Equipment

The Alignment Engineering Group (AEG), in cooperation with Site Engineering and Maintenance (SE&M), acquired three Leica SR-530 GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers and associated equipment in October of 2001 [Leica Demo]. The principal tasks that these geodetic receivers will be used for are:

  • establish a dense and precise three-dimensional on-site reference network to be used by all interested parties;
  • enable SE&M’s Facilities Management to map SLAC structures in those areas that are presently without monuments using RTK (real-time kinematic) technology;
  • complement current and future surveys at SLAC requiring external (i.e., outside of the tunnels) control points;
  • assist in the design and analysis of the installation phase of future physics accelerator projects such as the NLC.

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Last update: June 12, 2007