Metrology Department

GPS Instrumentation

Instrumentation at SLAC M40

The GPS equipment is LEICA based and consists of the following components:

Leica System RS-500 Base Receiver:

1 RS-500 12 channel, dual frequency receiver (with fully independent L1 and L2 tracking loops, full P-code utilization or "P-code aided tracking" if encryption is turned on)
1 AT-504 choke ring antenna and weather dome

Pacific Crest Positioning Data Link (PDL) Base Radio Kit:

1 Pacific Crest PDL base modem, 35 watt, 410-430 Mhz range
1 5 db fiberglass OMNI-directional antenna
1 OMNI mobile whip antenna

Leica System 530 Rover Receiver:

3 SR-530 12 channel, dual frequency receivers
2 TR-500 terminals
2 PCMCIA 16 MB flash RAM memory cards
2 AT-502 L1/L2 antennas
2 AT-503 lightweight L1/L2 choke ring antennas
2 Pacific Crest RFM-96W rover modems (installed in GUF-6 housings), 2 watt, 410-430 MHz range
2 Gainflex antennas
2 GRT-144 carrier (pole and accessories)


1 DISTO hand held distance meter with optional viewfinder
2 mini-pack for GPS receivers
2 GAD-32 telescoping rod for mini-packs
2 GAD-34 arms for GAD-32/gainflex
1 National Instruments NI ENET-232/2 - Ethernet Serial Interface Device
2 American Power Conversion Corp. 1000 VA UPS

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Last update: March 08, 2007