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Fireside Chats

May 28, 2004 LCLS Overview, SLC/LCLS Controls Integration

Patrick Krejcik

Bob Dalesio

March 25, 2004 SLC-Aware IOC for LCLS

Bob Dalesio

Ron Chestnut

February 12, 2004 SLAC Control System High-Level and Physics Applications Presumptive Architecture Greg White
June 12, 2003 FECC-III Integration Issues Eric Siskind
November 7, 2002

UNIX vs. VMS Development and Deployment

Documents:   SLC      IOC      UNIX

Mike Zelazny
September 12, 2002 Design review for language independent exception definition and logging Ron MacKenzie
September 5, 2002 CPE Support for UNIX Applications

Ron Chstnut

Nancy Spencer

August 22, 2002 CVS Client/Server Jingchen Zhou
July 17, 2002

AIDA Software Framework and APIs, Part I      

AIDA Software Framework and APIs, Part II

Greg White

George McIntyre

June 6, 2002 EPICS Berlin Trip Report, Part I

EPICS Berlin Trip Report, Part II

Stephanie Allison

Ron Chestnut

April 25, 2002 Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) Report Ron Chestnut
April 18, 2002 GAN WG3 Presentation Rusty Humphrey
April 3, 2002

JavaOne Conference 2002 Trip Report, Part I

JavaOne Conference 2002 Trip Report, Part II

Ron MacKenzie

Greg White

March 7, 2002 The New Front End Camac Controller (FECC) for Linac: "Control System Front-End Hardware Upgrade" Eric Siskind
February 27, 2002 "Controls System UNIX Computing Environment and Data Management Facilities" Jingchen Zhou
November 8, 2001 Progress Report on the Feasibility of Accelerator Data Archiving with Oracle: "Archiver Progress" Lee Ann Yasukawa, Robert Hall
September 20, 2001 AIDA: "Accelerator Independent Data Access" Ron MacKenzie, Bob Sass, Greg White
May 31, 2001 "JoiMint Java Operator Interface and Management Integration Tool" Matthias Clausen
May 24, 2001

"May 2001 EPICS Collaboration Meeting Trip Report: Complex Networks, Tool Upgrades, Base Upgrade Plans"

"Epics Collaboration Report"

Stephanie Allison

Bob Sass

March 1, 2001 "Adding Servers to MCC to Allow Slow Migration" Stephanie Allison
December 7, 2000 "November 2000 EPICS Collaboration Meeting Trip Report: Display Managers, Legacy System Upgrades, Base Upgrade Plans" Stephanie Allison
April 12, 2000 "Open-Source Real-Time Operating Systems Wither VxWorks?" Till Straumann
June 1999 Review of the Real-Time 99 Conference in Santa Fe, NM [HTML | PDF] Mark Crane


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