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IR2 Laser Tracker

A Laser Tracker (SMX 4500) was installed in the IR2 hall in the summer of 2003 to monitor Q4, Q5 and the supporting raft during detector operations. Below are some preliminary graphical results reporting the very first measurements from the Laser Tracker. The first triplet of graphs are the Z, X, and Y movements for wall reference points. The next triplet (Z, X, and Y) are for the two magnets and raft. The tracker was removed in March 2004 since online results were found not to be needed.

Photo : R2 Laser Tracker

An interesting graphical feature to consider is the plotted data for September 10, 2003. The move on the raft to fix the support tube can be seen with the 3 TBs on the raft and the 4 TBs on both Q4 and Q5. A copy of the last set of support tube measurements can be found at IR2 Support Tube History. The first one (July 30) refers to our last survey at the end of the downtime, then there are 2 sets of values for September 10: the first one shows where we found the components at the beginning of the day, the last one where we left them.

IR2 Results (9/12/03)

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