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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
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SLUO Lectures on Statistics and Numerical Methods in HEP

August - September 2000

Go here to get streaming video of the lectures. Electronic copies of the written notes are available using the links below.

Date Lecture# Title (PDF files linked) Lecturer
August 4 1 The Fundamentals; Point Estimation Frank Porter, Caltech
August 7 2 Maximum Likelihood, Least Squares and All That FP
August 8 3 What is a Confidence Interval? FP
August 9 4 Interval Estimation FP
August 10 5 Systematic Errors: their treatment and diagnosis Roger Barlow, Manchester University
August 11 6 The Bootstrap (or resampling) technique, or: Why you may not need 10**8 Monte Carlo events after all RB
August 28 7 Optimal Observables - and other neat fitting techniques RB
August 29 8 Signals, backgrounds, consistencies and probabilities RB
August 30 9 Maximum Entropy and related methods RB
August 31 10 Monte Carlo Methods Frank Porter
September 1 11 - 12 Pattern Recognition/Hough Transform Norman Graf, SLAC

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